Thursday, March 30, 2006


I was Just Thinking...

Oral Roberts fell and broke his hip. I can hardly wait for Pat Robertson to say why God did this to him. (Jim Barach)
a line I lifted from the Log Cabin Republican Newsletter forwarded to me by a friend.

There are some real prizes in the fundamentalist camp. Jerry Fallwell impresses me as a real snake in the grass. I would never trust him for even 1/2 a second. Ask Tammy Faye about him.
Pat Robertson is my favorite, though. This man is a real contorionist! I have never in my life known of another human being who could stick his foot so far down his own throat! He has got to be an embarrassment to the other right wing radicals.( W is not far behind.)
I love it when something happens to a famous person. I always want to hear what Pat has to say.

Flip Benham is very active around our area. Have you ever heard him speak in public? I would say that he sounds like a slimy, untrustworthy, con man used car salesman. But that would be an insult to slimy, untrustworthy, used car salesmen everywhere.

And then there is Freddy Phelps. His church members all seem to be inbred members of his family.
I heard his son on the radio recently.All I can say is "that nut didn't fall far from the tree."

My biggest message, which I tried to calm down for a long time is that my God did not make me so he could have someone to hate!
I know I was made in his image. I am happy and I am saved! I accept Christ as my Savior and I dedicate my life to serving Him. What more could anyone ask?

I hope that any young people who happen upon this site will remember one thing.
No matter what you have heard, It is Ok to be yourself. God does love you no matter what some ill advised persons may have told you.

Deacon Harry

Saturday, March 25, 2006


A GREAT EXPERIENCE..your help needed

First, after the tremendous rains here the very day after I posted about how dry it has been in Texas.. Thanks, God, we needed that. However, the lakes south of us are all good. We are still 20 feet down. Coul you do it again, only this time concentrate on the area between Denton & Gainsville on the west and Mckinney and Sherman on the East. That ought to include the watersheds which feed opur 2 lakes, Ray Roberts & Lewisville.
The Element is great,I love drvivng it. It is quieter , faster and better handling than I expected.

Today was the kickoff for The Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS.
My involvement with this has been one of the best, most meaningful things in my life.
Dan started riding on the predecessor ride the Tanquarery Texas Aids Ride II. many years ago.
The proudest moment of my life was when Dan held his bike over his head in triumph at the closing ceremonies held at the Kennedy Memeorial in downtown Dallas.
He had ridden his bike 350 miles in 4 days! One day was 103 miles!
The for pay group who put onr those rides spent so much money on the ride that the organizations who were the beneficiaries did not make enough money to be worth continuing.
So, the Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS was born.
This ride is run by volunteers, and is entirely supported by sponsors.
To date EVERY cent of the pledges and even a portion of the rider and crew registration fees has gone to the beneficiaries.
It is truly a sucess story! It is an act of love by those involved. The riders and crew are all such wonderful people that I will always keep coming back.
Please consider riding or crewing if you want a life changing experience.
Or, if you would prefer, please pledge to support the ride or the individual riders.
Each rides has to raise a minimum of $1,000 to ride, but the more the better. If you would care to support a rider please contact me for information.There will be several of us involved, including Dan, Jonathan, Kathy and myself.
There will be more on the ride coming up in later posts, but for starters check out for information.
Or, you can check out an old site I did several years ago when I rode on the ride. Since then I have been on the crew. Due to my congestive heart failure the heart muscle is very thick and does not pump very efficently. After a year of hard training I did the ride. I always had trouble keeping up. I can do the distance, but not in the time required to fit the schedule. I would still be riding after dark.
But, who knows, I will be riding with my friends on their training rides and I may decide to try again.
The old site is
All For now. Deacon Harry

Saturday, March 18, 2006


The Element and the elements.

Its raining thank God. The lakes around our home are the lowest I can remember. There is a long bridge near us in Little Elm. Off to the side is a park with a boat ramp and pier. Usually this time of year the deck of the pier is underwater by about a foot.
This year the whole pier is almost dry down to the bottom of the legs. The water looks to be down by 20 feet or more.
We are on a privately owned well water system where we live and I am very much afraid that we will be without water before the summer is over.
The rain today is nice, but it would take at least a month of days with 3 inches or more of rain to save us.
Meanwhile the Texas panhandle burns, and a man I talked to recently in Ontario Canada said that this was the least snow winter in the entire time they have kept records. There have been a lot of bad hurricanes the last couple of years, and nature is going nuts.
I do realize that these thing go in cycles, but I think there is more to it than that.Global Warming? I don't know, but I am worried about it.
meanwhile when my company comes from Florida to go camping, we wont be able to build campfires because of the danger. These rains like we are having today just soak in and don't really make enough difference.

We went out today and sold cans. Dan has been crushing cans and storing them under our doubled for about 18 months. Today we took the back seats out of the new Element and put a tarp inside then we filled the back up with cans and drove into Dallas and sold them. $55 for a load and we have enough cans still waiting to make 2 more trips.
I am learning to balance the great audio system in the Honda and it really rocks.
I love the sub woofer. and the XM satellite radio is cool.
I love the Nascar channel, the 24 hour a day weather and traffic of the DFW Metroplex, and all the great Jazz and Christian music, all without commercials!
I really thought that in buying the Element that I would be giving up a lot of performance, but was I ever wrong. Every time I look at the speedometer I am do 80! I also continue to be the first away from the light, the same as I always have.
I am really looking forward to taking it out in the woods for an evening in nature. Its a natural!
I am also looking forward to bicycling again. I now have a way to get my recumbent out to the good country roads again.
I know they Element is funky looking, but it is the Swiss army knife of vehicles! It really corners well, not at all like a top heavy box.
All in all I guess you could say that I love it. My only compliant is that all the washable floors and upholstery make it have a bit of an echo inside, i took some time to tweak the audio properly to make it sound good.
Todfay i ordered some carpeted full floor mats with plush pile 1/2 inch think which I believe will nake sound great. Bear in mind though that most people wpould never hear what bothers me.
Not unless you are really into sound!
Mor later, its time to go otu and eat. We are going to try a Mediterrain place in Frisco. new food is always a treat.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


A short post...anouncement

I bought the new vehicle I needed for security job wise. I bought a Honda Element.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Why I haven't been posting.

The last few weeks have been very stressful for me. My job is about to reach a critical point and I may be unemployed.

About 3 years ago the security company I work for was bought out by a Hugh corporation. In fact they are about #50 in the Fortune 500.
That was the start. We had thought that the upper management left something to be desired before. We didn't know how bad it could get.

The management now only cares about formulas and the magic "ratios."
If income is at a certain level the expenses must be at a certain level.
This isn't bad if you increase income to reach your goals.
But our management cuts expenses to reach their goals. Even though it only serves to cut income soon because of poor customer service.
We are loosing customers at a tremendous rate.

I run the service department and poor service goes against everything I am trained to deliver.
Now it would appear that they are about to eliminate me by putting me in an impossible position.

I necessitated a company vehicle as part of my pay package because we were too far apart on pay scale and the free car is a tremendous perk. I consider it to be about $4.00 per hour in today's economy
The lease is running out on the car I have been driving and I have been told, but not by upper management yet, that they are not going to furnish a car any longer.
It is not official, but it seems that they don't think I can do anything but stay because of my age. Or, if I leave, they hope that they can find someone to do my work for less.

So, I am stressed out. Because my very old pickup is on its last legs I am now car hunting.

I must have reliable transportation for my next job, which will most likely not include a car in the compensation package.
I have heard that a car allowance my be negotiated, which may help, and I really expect to make up the $4 per hour in my pay package..

But, I am 61 years old. I have a real good insurance package and other perks.

It also is scary to be unemployed at my age . I have not been without a source of income for over 25 years!

So, now you know why I haven't been posting. I am so burned out when I come home that all I want to do is vegitate and sleep.

P.S. If you are in the car business and have some great deals let me know. If you are in the electronic security industry and need a service manager or a customer service or tech support person let me know.

Deacon Harry

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