Monday, April 17, 2006


Camping with Company

In Feb I posted about a young man who lived with me many years ago (You Can't go Back) He was coming to visit and bringing his 10 year old son with him. I love him like a son and consider him to be my son.
We used to spend many hours discussing life ,attitudes and how a man learns to deal with his troubles.

Well the young man was here to visit me for the last 10 days or so and it was really a rewarding experience for me.

We had kind of a rocky start, but our camping trip gave me time to get to know him again and to meet his 10 year old son.

I am so proud of him! When I look back at the troubled young man who I knew first when he was 13 and who moved in with me at 15, I can hardly believe that he is the really the successful adult family man I spent this vacation with.

The depth with at which we were at one time able to talk about our inner feelings was still there and we could still talk about our most private selves.
I found myself listening in amazement to him discussing his family, his business and his life. The confused hurt young man is now gone and a genuine sucessfull adult is there in his place.

His son is wonderful. He worships the ground that his step-dad walks on and it shows.
He is very smart and very mature for a 10 year old. But, he still is a neat little boy at times, too. I now feel a genuine love for him just as I do his stepdad. I know the he is the apple of his stepdad's eye!

I know that my "self adopted "son still gives me a lot of credit because he says that I was the one person who believed in him when he needed it. However, I think someone else deserves a lot of the credit for the changes in him. That's his wife.

Although I have talked to her many times on the phone I have never had the pleasure of meeting her face to face. It's something I really want to do. She has to be a very special woman indeed to settle my son down and get him to accomplish so much in life. And her son is really a tribute to her skills as a mother.

So, I want to say thank you to Donna for all that she has done for my son and for allowing me to get to know her son as a step grandson.

The week camping was a time that I will always cherish and remember fondly. It will even give me teary eyes and a joyful heart.

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