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New Project

After laying off for an extended period, I have decided that I need to express myself again.
Things have continued to happen that influenced me and affected me. I just did not write about them.
The political situation is a mess and I have plenty to say about it.
I could point out that we spend $1600 per second in Iraq. But we can't spend enough on our countries infrastructure to prevent needless tragedy.
The steam pipe in New York, the bridge in Minneapolis. The levees in New Orleans. All these things are a typical example of the problems presented when the administration decides that they need to make the public forget that we have a war going on.
Higher taxes to keep our country working smoothly would cut down on the spending on the war or would make the voters have to sacrifice for the war to continue.
The public is not supposed to inconvenienced by the war. They might try to end it. This is not what the president and his big corporate cronies want.
They make money off the war.
Why do you think that the news crews are not allowed to show the caskets of the fallen soldiers being brought home or buried?
The war must not inconvenience the voters.

But enough of that. Other things have come up to get me to write again.

Our church is going to do a really great thing to make a difference in the world. The idea came from Jesus MCC in Indianapolis. Our Pastor and others heard a lot about it at the recent MCC Conference in Arizona and decided that we should do it in Dallas.
This program features billboards with the message "Would Jesus Discriminate?" it has a web address for people to look to see more.
At the website we will provide information and scripture readings for people to read. We hope that reading these scriptures from our viewpoint will educate people.
When it was done in Indianapolis there were before and after polls done which showed that it actually made a significant change in the opinions of the general public.
Of course the fundamentalists protested, there were news stories on tv and in the papers. This just helped the program to work. The more people talked about it the more people went to the website. More of them read the passages in the bible which were written about gays in biblical times, and which prove that Jesus knew and interacted with gays in a positive fashion. These passages need to be pointed out.
People generally learn to discriminate out a lack of education. If you educate them they understand and their attitudes change. As the Reverend Elder Troy Perry, founder of Metropolitan Community Churches ( The largest denomination in the world of churches that have an outreach to the LGBT population) says, People need to read the Bible with new eyes. The churches and leaders that preach hatred of gays today are the descendants of the same people and churches that preached discrimination against black people in the past.
It seems incredible today that there used to be laws keeping racially mixed couples form marrying! What changed? The people learned to read the bible through new eyes and developed a new understanding of what the Bible really says.
People need to be educated. That's how you go about changing the world.

The church's site will serve as the primary focus, but the blog will enable people to read comments from gay Christians about how their own lives are affected.

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