Thursday, August 24, 2006


Protesting The Ex Gay movement

Our pastor posted an email on our church Yahoo group from Wayne Besen, Executive Director of" a non-profit think tank and educational organization the debunks the "ex-gay myth"and provides accurate information about the lives of of GLBT people."

Wayne, the author of "Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth", is asking that involved members of our community join him to counter a conference that is taking place at the Vista Ridge Baptist Church in Carrollton, Tx a local community.

The event is to take place this Saturday, meeting at 8:15 am at the church with the goal of meeting conference-goers with GLBT affirming signs untill 9:30 am..

If you live in this area I would like to invite you to come join us. Be sure to introduce yourself. (my picture is on the header of this blog).

This is to be a quiet andpeacefull protest. So I don't expect trouble or troublemakers.

I feel that with the constant message that I put out that we owe it to the youngsters to set an example and show them that it is "OK To Be Gay" I have to be there. (I know that that is part of the reason our pastor posted it.)

I am involved in a special ministry at my Church. Along with another Deacon I co-lead a group which goes to an in hospital treatment program for alcohol, drug abuse and depression for GLBT persons. This is a nationwide program with 3 hospital treatment programs across the country.

The biggest thing all these people always want to know is "does God really love ME?".
These people have grown up hearing from society that its bad to be "One of them".
They have been put down and abused by so many family members and friends, & they have been preached straight to hell from the pulpit.
It's no wonder that they have problems.

We always assure them that they are ok. God does love them and there is a real, meaningfull, future out there for them.

These Ex-Gay groups preach that you can change, that being Gay is strictly a lifestyle choice. If you pray enough God will change you.

The problem is that these groups do not recognize that God did not make gays so He would have someone to hate.

God does not do that. You are the way that you are because God made you that way and He does not make mistakes. God loves ALL his children, just the way He made them.

If you could really change, gays would have died out centuries ago. No one would choose to be different and boppresseded.

John 3-16 does not say that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever EXCEPT GAYS beleveth in him should not die, but should have eternal life!

Just remember one thing, these groups that condem gays today are the same ones who preached that slavery was ok 150 years ago. They could read you scripture passages that proved tha Blacks were inferior creatures put here to be used.
That was then...
Time and a better interpretation of the scriptures has made them change their minds now. So now they attack GLBT persons.
This too will change, but we have to help speed the process up. We do this through speaking the truth. We do this by educating the rest of the world.
If every successful, happy LGBT person in America made a pledge to be completely open to everyone they know, especially their straight friends, and co-workers, the predjudice would end in our lifetimes.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Global Warming

Pat Robinson has now said that the extreme heat lately has convinced him that global warming is a real threat after all.
If he changed his mind solely because of the heat and not because of the overwhelming evidence that supports global warming then he is still showing himself to be kind of a simpleton. But at least he has been right for once.

Evidence presented from all over the globe has shown that the ice caps are melting and that the average temperature is rising. The levels of CO2 in the atmosphere is rising.
These are indisputable facts. Proven facts.

For those who claim that this is all b.s. I would hope you would make an effort to watch the Discovery Channel on Mon.Aug 21st at 12:00 noon EST.
Record it if you will be at work or skip work if necessary.
If you are a personal friend of mine, I TIVO'd it and burned a cd for personal use. I may loan it to you if you ask nicely. The Discovery folks showed it repeatedly recently and I thought the photo evidence of melted glaciers was astounding..
The show was hosted by Tom Brokaw of NBC and produced by NBC, Discovery and BBC.

The recent Al Gore Movie "An Inconvienient Truth"shown recently in theaters was really convincing. (See the links section to the left )
There are several videos on Google Video which show some dramatic pictures. Check out this link:
and check out for more about the movie.

I personally live in the country north of Dallas.
Every Day I cross a fairly long bridge over a branch of Lake Lewisville in the town of Little Elm. To one side of the bridge is a park and boat ramp with a pier for the boaters to tie up to.
Frequenty in the spring, after our rainy season, the lake is about a foot over the deck of the pier. Now the lake has dropped so far that there is only 1 leg even reaching any water and that is about to become landlocked.
A boater could drive his pickup underneath the pier he usually ties up to, then he could get out and stand on his truck while beneath the pier! (dont try it though, you'd probably get a ticket)
But it not this which convinced me, it is the overwhelming global evidence!
I urge you to study, learn, and educate yourselves and your friends.
Then put pressure on your elected officials. If the future generations are to still have a hospitable home we have to act NOW. It may already be too late for total success, but the longer we wait the worse it will be.
Deacon Harry


Floyd's second test

First I'd like to say that it does not look good for Floyd Landis. His second sample also came back positive for a too high level of testosterone.
There has been no official release of numbers, but the "leaks"are saying a 11 to 1 ratio which is extremely high. There have also been leaks that claimed that a carbon test was done which shows that the high level was due to a large portion of synthetic testosterone in his blood.
I would still like to know what the results were of any tests after the incriminating one. If he tested ok 1 a day or too, it would tend to indicate that the original tests may have been deliberately sabotaged, as his levels would not clear that fast.
I will watch with intrest for further news. In the meantime there is apparently no alternative other than to strip him of the title.
Seems in a way that there should still be a hearing before it is done.

I would really like to have a hero to believe in .

Deacon Harry

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