Sunday, July 30, 2006


Check this out.

I just found a link to a great site for people who don't understand that being gay is not a choice.
Especially check out the Norman on TV link on this page. This is an ad for tv being shown in a few places. It is restricted showing due to expense, but I would love to see it shown in prime time nationwide.

The "What people think "link brings up a very good point that most gay rights campaginers fail to realize. Most people who are against gay rights are merely not properly informed about homosexuality.

They need to be exposed to more facts and not led on by the claims of the fundamentalists such as Focus On The Family and others.

The next time you hear someone who is misinformed, ask them "When did you decide to be straight?"

The general public needs for more gays to be open about themselves. It's only if we let our friends and neighbors know who we are and that we are really no different than them that we can really expect to change the world.

Gay rights legislation wont force people to become educated.

Deacon Harry

Saturday, July 29, 2006


False accusations and False test results.

While I have been really down on a personal level recently, I have come home from work every day to watch the Tour De France on tv.
Because of Dan's involvement and later my own too, ( see the link to our old cycling site) it was natural for me to start watching Lance in the Tour 8 years ago.
From there my interest grew, and I am really a fan of road cycling.
Since my world was really crumbling recently, the Tour was really a relief for me.

The "Spanish inquisition" , (a insiders joke name for the big drug busts just before the Tour )changed the outlook for the Tour. I personally predicted that the next winner would be another American, and I gave a slight nod toward Floyd.
This was a fun race because so many different riders led the different stages and because the Yellow Jersey was in doubt until the very end.

When Floyd had his famous "bonk" on stage 16 I really felt for him. Although he did not blame them, it is a fact that his team did not support him properly that day.
You see, when riding any distance, your body uses energy at a faster rate than it can create it from using fat and other reserves in you body. You must drink and eat frequently, preferably foods which are high in carbs which can be broken down and used quickly. This is what Power Bars and other energy bars provide. Also, energy gels, which are even quicker acting, and lots & lots of water and sports drink to replace the high amounts of fluid and electrolytes lost to sweat.

Floyd's teammates dropped back and were not providing him with enough supplies and reminding him to eat and drink. His team car could and should have done more also. But anyway, on the last climb he "ran out of gas".

I have done this before, and it is really unpleasant. I bogged about 10 miles from our truck one time, and since Dan doesn't drive, I had to get back to the truck.
Dan and I spent about an hour sitting in the shade in the empty,deserted old downtown area of a small town while I tried to recoup.
When we started back, I was able to ride about a half block or so at a time, then we would have to stop for a couple of minutes rest. I kept breaking out in a sweat, but fortunately Dan kept making me drink to prevent dehydration. We made it back, but that was the worst afternoon of my life on wheels.

I have reviewed the stage on my TiVo and Floyd shows all the signs.
It is true that you can recover from this condition overnight, but I wonder if it may mess up your body chemistry.

The next Day Floyd went out on what I would have to say is the best single day effort by an individual rider in the history of cycling. He did what all the experts said was impossible.

Now we have word that at the end of that stage his test was off. This is a 2 sample test, if one test comes back off you re-test. He has given 2 samples and the second has not been tested yet.
until the re-tests there is no possible case. But of course the scandal hunting press has to jump in immediately to try to kick up dirt and create a fuss. Floyd is not accused of anything at this time, except in the press.

First of all the test in question did not show a high level of testosterone.
It showed an abnormal ratio between Testosterone and epitestosterone.
While this coul be from a high level of testosterone, it could also be a low level of epitestestorne.

What does this mean? Testerone and epitesterone are hormones which athletes (and everyone else)naturally have in their bodies. The level of the hormones varies from person to person and from day to day in the same person.

It is not the level which is measured, it is the Ratio. This ratio currently at 4 to 1 has changed over the years. It used to be 10 to 1, 8 to1, 6 to 1 and is currently set at 4 to 1.

What would the effects of the extreme bonk the day befor have on this ratio? how about the effects of alcohol the night between the stages have? No one has answered so far.

But a little thought might help clarify things. 1st Testosterone is used by athletes to try to build up muscle mass and increase strength. But, this is done in the years and month before competition. It would have no effect whatsoever in 1 day. 2nd testosterone levels build slowly and decrease slowly, they do not jump up and down from day to day.

Floyd was tested at least 6 times during the tour. All his other tests came back as clean. (the actual results are not disclosed, only that he was below the ratio)How could it change in 1 day only?

To help to settle this we need to know what the results of all his tests on the tour show. Not just his ratios, but the actuall amounts of each hormone.
Did he normally hang just below the"magical"4:1 ratio and barely raise above it the one day when his body chemistry was bound to be a bit off? Floyd has started a series of voluntary tests of his own to try to prove his innocence.

I feel that before a man is accused the evidence must be made public.

What I saw on TV was one of greatest feats ever by a single man in any sport anywhere and anytime.

Even if the second sample tests off I believe that there needs to be further investigation into the matter.
The test procedure used was established over 25 years ago, it has several sources of possible error in the handling of it.
The fact is that if Floyds testosterone was high on stage 17 it will still show high today. It will show in all the tests on the tour. 1 days test being off and not the others, merely means that the sample was mis-handled.

Testosterone boosts for 1only, cant happen, day would not help him if it could. Floyd knew he was going to be tested again at the end of the stage. Does anyone think he was stupid enough to deliberately fail?

Lance has been supportive of Floyd, as is right , he know what unfair accusations do to a cyclist.
Greg Lemond, the first American to win a Tour, however, managed to say that he was disappointed in Floyd, implying that he believes him guilty. He also said this about Lance. I kind of wonder, is Greg jealous of the late-comers who take some of glory from him? Or, since at the time Greg won there was little and poor testing, is he really saying that he had to cheat, so he believes everyone elso who wins does too?
I have lost a lot of respect for Greg
I do however believe that Floyd Landis is a true sports hero.
Deacon Harry

Friday, July 28, 2006


I'm back

I have been undergoing some serious personal problems lately, and I haven't cared enough to write about anything.
It's been mostly financial troubles, with some major job related troubles and troubles at home.

Some of the things bothering me have continued to go badly, but some are beginning to turn around thanks to my Lord's faithfulness.

I am sure that my problems aren't over, but I feel that events are changing directions and I know that God is guiding things for me.

I do have some things I wish to say, and I am feeling the need to express myself.

Some parts of this blog are like a therapy to me. It's always neat to look at my counter and see that people actually read what I have to say. And, the writing itself is therapeutic as it makes me focus on an idea for a while.

So, anyway, check back soon, I have a couple of things that I want to get off my chest. More posts to follow.

Deacon Harry

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